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A Bit About Erich

Erich (aka Birdie Killer) works for Watermark Credit Union as the IT Systems Manager. Thanks to the instruction skills of Ed Serreze, he has his CNE designation and enjoys sharing his brain in Salt Lake City every year. He also enjoys receiving free t-shirts from Novell.

The Complete Works of Erich

04 Mar 2005
Friendly Warning for your Laptop Users Before they Give that Big Presentation
If you've got folks that use laptops and secondary monitors, but seldom out in the field, you might want to check into this before they give that big presentation to the board.

19 Jul 2002
When All Else Fails, Try the Common Name
Reader Erich Burnett found out the hard way what credentials are needed for certain installations. Learn from his experience here.

06 May 2002
Disabling Windows Password Prompts
Tired of W95/98/ME password prompts? Don't want to essentially cache your NetWare password on your hard drive? Here's a fix!

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