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03 Nov 2005
BorderManager Wallpaper
A collection of BorderManager Wallpaper.

23 Aug 2002
BorderManager NLM's and Dual Processors
Scott Jones explains why it's better to have only one physical CPU installed in dedicated-function NBM servers.

03 May 2002
Using Access Control and Caching to Fight Limited Bandwidth
A problem that almost every business faces today is rapidly increasing utilization of limited bandwidth. Unfortunately, frequent widening of pipes is impractical due to the astronomical cost of leading-edge circuit types and their supporting hardware. Come see how access control and caching can leverage existing technology to improve performance.

03 May 2002
URL Blocking vs. Content Filtering
The terms "URL blocking" and "content filtering" have been used interchangeably around here for quite some time. That's worked so far because all Novell BorderManager has done is URL blocking. That won't always be the case. So let's establish some definitions now and get thinking in the right mode for what's to come.

25 Apr 2002
SurfControl with NBM 3.7
We've had a number of questions about the SurfControl functionality that is shipped with NBM 3.7. Here's the scoop.

25 Apr 2002
NBM Logging and Reporting
NBM ships with a limited set of reports, and many people want more. Here are some partners who offer more choices.

12 Apr 2002
ACLCheck and Group Membership
Scott Jones sheds some light on the best way to configure ACLCheck to walk the tree and do group membership checks.

12 Apr 2002
Rule Placement Concepts
Here are a few things to keep in mind when you're deciding where to place your rules.

05 Apr 2002
DA Placement
If you have pure IP VPN clients, here's a configuration tip to remember.

21 Mar 2002
BorderManager Server behind ADSL Modem
If you have multiple locations with ADSL modems that support PPPoE, you may be looking to set up site-to-site VPN connections. Scott Jones shares a couple of ways to approach this situation.

15 Mar 2002
What's New in Novell BorderManager 3.7?
Come find out all the new features in the upcoming Novell BorderManager 3.7.

15 Feb 2002
Server Sizing and Other Hardware Issues
Updated: Scott Jones, product manager for Novell BorderManager and passionate security zealot, explains the delicate art of hardware selection for your BorderManager server. Don't miss this one.

08 Feb 2002
Novell Licensing Services (NLS) and BorderManager Issues
Novell Licensing Services (NLS) and BorderManager have not coexisted very well. Here are some optimization tips that help them live together in peace.

08 Feb 2002
Transparent Proxy Limitations
If you have to keep an eye on your users' Internet activity, be aware of the current limitations of transparent proxy.

25 Jan 2002
Developing an Access Rules Plan
There are many things to consider when developing an Access Rules plan for your company, and any time you spend during the planning stages will pay off big time during the implementation and beyond. Scott Jones shares some excellent guidelines and tips to help you plan wisely.

05 Jan 2002
Security Testing Online
Cool Reader Vincent M. raised an issue that's of interest to many NBM users. He is looking for sites where he can test BorderManager Security, in order to get a second opinion on a consultant's recommendation. Come see what Scott Jones has to say about that.

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