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14 Mar 2007
Preventing the UID from Displaying in the eGuide Details Page
Here's a solution from Andrei Karyagin that helps you prevent a UID from showing on the eGuide details page, while still allowing the user to log in.

10 Jan 2007
Displaying First Name Only in eGuide
Andrey Karyagin describes the steps for finding and editing eGuide code to let you display a first name only to users.

22 Nov 2006
OpenAdaptor and Password Expiration Notification
Here's an alternative solution for handling notification of expiring passwords, courtesy of Andrey Karyagin.

22 Nov 2006
Disabling "Modify Photo" in eGuide
Need to stop users from fiddling with their eGuide photos? Andrey Karyagin explains how to disable the Modify Photo link.

06 Sep 2006
Accelerating iManager 2.5 with iChain 2.3
Andrey Karyagin shares a couple of Form Fill policies that will help you accelerate iManager 2.5 with iChain 2.3, SP4.

30 Aug 2006
Customizing the Lens Icon in eGuide
Andrei Karyagin shines some light on the lens - how to customeize the eGuide lens icon, that is.

16 Aug 2006
Changing the eGuide Default Directory
What should you do if you need to change the default directory for an eGuide installation? Andrey Karyagin has the answers ...

14 Jun 2006
Using OpenAdaptor with LDIF Translations
Find out how the freeware OpenAdaptor utility can help with LDIF translations, courtesy of Andrey Karyagin.

04 Jan 2006
Mouseover Sample Code for eGuide
This sample code solution from Andrey Karyagin gives you the freedom to display your own .GIF on a mouseover event in eGuide.

12 Oct 2005
eGuide Fix for Timeshifts
Cool Solutions reader Andrey Karyagin lends this fix to a time-shift problem in eGuide, complete with .java and .class code files.

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