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A Bit About Andrew

Andrew is a Support Systems Specialist at Rhodes University, South Africa. After a spectacular Brainshare in 2004 we realised that running five year old Novell technology wasn't so cool - We have been upgrading ever since. As IT antidote I enjoy micro-lighting and mountain biking.

The Complete Works of Andrew

16 Nov 2007
Recovering User Files on iFolder 3.4 on NSS using Salvage
Andrew Grant shares a solution he recently used to retrieve files that had been accidentally deleted from a user's computer and from iFolder.

28 Sep 2006
Delegating simple ZENworks imaging tasks using 'export IMGCMD'
Andrew Grant details how to edit the ZENworks ISO file, both in Linux and in Windows, in such a way that you can create specialized ZENworks CDs for your tech staff to use when imaging workstations. This is useful for things like reimaging after lectures, in labs, etc.

30 Jun 2006
AppNote: iFolder 3.1 on NSS with OES SP1
Andrew Grant shares some instructions on how to install and configure iFolder 3 to work on NSS. Update: Andrew discovered a race condition that affects iFolder on NSS. The problem is that if Tomcat comes up before the NSS daemon, iFolder simply doesn't start. Check the solution here.

15 Jun 2006
Running a VMware Virtual Machine as a Service in OES Linux
Virtualisation is something that has really taken off over the past few years. Andrew Grant explains how to run virtual machine(s) in a similar way to a service using freely available software.

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