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The Complete Works of Veli-Matti

27 Jun 2007
Working with Empty E-mail Notification Fields
V.M. Luotonen explains how to change empty e-mail notification fields from "$Variable$" to something more useful.

27 Jun 2007
Converting "Miliseconds Since 1970" to Readable Date Format
This tip from V.M. Luotonen gets the unwieldy "milliseconds since 1970" into a more friendly and readable date format.

06 Jun 2007
Using Links with iMonitor Tracing
Here's a way to make iMonitor tracing simpler and more convenient, courtesy of V.M. Luotonen.

14 Feb 2007
Loading JBoss and MySQL with the IDM User Application
V. M. Luotonen shares a step-by-step process for getting JBoss and MySQL to start as services with the IDM User Application.

15 Nov 2006
Automatically Loading the IDM UserApplication
Cool Solutions reader V.M. Luotonen explains how to install MySQL and Jboss as a service, so the IDM User Application will load automatically after restarting the Windows server.

26 Oct 2005
Extending Certificate Life
A year goes by all too quickly when you're dealing with certificate expirations. Thanks to this tip from V.M. Luotonen, you can extend your certificate life for eGuide to a lot longer - 10 years in this example.

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