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Alfredo Luiz Santos
Solution Architect

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A Bit About Alfredo Luiz

Alfredo Santos is an Integration Architect and a Java and C++ developer. He has worked with Novell products for 10 years. He particularly likes to develop modules for Novell products like DirXML and iChain.

The Complete Works of Alfredo Luiz

28 Nov 2006
Asgard Login Module
Allows developers to use eDir to control application logins.

28 Nov 2006
Update LDAP objects using an LDAP query search.

28 Nov 2006
Change objects using a file with a list of objects.

13 Jun 2006
Check relationship of objects.

25 May 2006
Query LDAP and return an attribute value.

24 May 2006
IDM Racf Policy Builder Script
Use Policy Builder to send commands to RACF System.

22 May 2006
Loopback Initial Password Setup
Automatic initial passwords setup.

22 May 2006
IDMWebservice Kit
Allow IDM drivers to start Extend Workflows.

18 May 2006
Module to load text files using spring in IDM projects.

18 May 2006
Spring Procedure Module
Module to run procedures using spring in IDM projects.

16 May 2006
Asgard LDAP Rename Module
Rename/move objects in any LDAP server.

08 May 2006
Asgard Password Test Module
Module to test password synchronization using Asgard IDM Test Tool.

04 May 2006
RACF Remote Loader Kit
Scripts to setup Remote Loader on OMVS Mainframe.

27 Apr 2006
MultiCert Lotus Script
Script to allow Notes Driver to switch a cert file based in a user attribute.

15 Feb 2006
Appender for Log4j
Alfredo Santos shows us how to develop a new appender to log4j, including sending the log to another application.

02 Feb 2006
Asgard RuntimeExec Module
Allows command execution in the machine running Asgard Test Tool.

02 Feb 2006
Allows IDM drivers to execute native commands of IDM Installed Platforms.

01 Feb 2006
Appender to Log4J send log messages to Novell Audit.

31 Jan 2006
Allows IDM drivers to send events using Apache Commons Log.

26 Jan 2006
Allows IDM drivers to send events to specific appenders of Log4j.

21 Jan 2006
Generate crypto passwords for Asgard Test Tool 1.2.

19 Jan 2006
Converting to Multi-valued Attributes
This tip from Novell's Alfredo Santos shows you how to convert a single attribute with delimited data to a structured data form.

19 Jan 2006
Creating the DSREPCFG Database for Notes
Novell's Alfredo Santos has a workaround for the missing DSREPCFG database that should come from the Lotus Notes DirXML driver.

26 Dec 2005
Asgard File Manipulation Modules
Modules to manipulate files using Asgard Test Tool.

21 Dec 2005
Asgard - IDM Test Tool 1.2 Crypto Edition
Integration Test Tool with Encryption for IDM projects.

19 Dec 2005
IDM 3DES Crypto
Encrypt passwords in IDM solutions.

15 Dec 2005
Asgard: The IDM Integration Test Tool
Novell's Alfredo Santos offers a powerful solution for test automation - the Asgard Test Tool. Check out the modules and XML examples, and find out how this tool can help lighten your test burdens.

14 Dec 2005
Password Generator
Generate random passwords.

12 Dec 2005
Password Change
Create a password change page in Java applications.

12 Dec 2005
Procedure Asgard Module
Run procedures using JDBC.

09 Dec 2005
WalkID: The iChain LDAP-Query-enabled Plug-in
Novell's Alfredo Santos and Andres Monteiro team up to show the business case and technical usages for WalkID, the iChain LDAP-Query-enabled Plug-in.

17 Nov 2005
Using an Application Map Table for Provisioning
Novell's Alfredo Santos shares a nifty way to access applications in a provisioning situation. It includes a stored procedure, map table, and Java class you can run to get the results you need.

08 Nov 2005
SAP Asgard Modules
Query Sap User roles and profiles.

08 Nov 2005
Process audit events stored in a AUX table.

07 Nov 2005
A package of tools to use with IDM drivers.

04 Nov 2005
Minimal Provisioning
Prepare a automatic minimal provisioning.

03 Nov 2005
Search attribute values of any object of one LDAP Server.

01 Nov 2005
REXX Program
Execute NATURAL ADABAS Programs with IDM RACF Driver.

01 Nov 2005
Asgard - IDM Test Tool
Integration Test Tool for IDM projects.

27 Oct 2005
JDBC Command
Java class for IDM to execute JDBC Commands like stored procedures, inserts, updates, etc.

21 Oct 2005
Building a Placement Policy
Here's a tip from Alfredo Santos that shows how to place a user object in a target directory, based on user attributes data like Location, Department, etc. The tip creates a single Placement Policy to do this - and it's more flexible and easy to manage.

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