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Thomas started in 1978 with the first Micro controllers (6502, Z80, 8080,...). During the next 10 Years he has worked as a Programmer, Consultant, Network technician and Senior Programmer. Starting in the 90's he had his first expiriences in networking, getting his CNE in 1992, and then started designing and implementing server side solutions, setting up and administering, as well as troubleshooting. In July 2003 he founded ANDACOM net works GmbH and is now taking the next step: Gold Partner with Novell.

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27 Oct 2005
Configuring Client 4.91(SP1) For Easy to Use C2S VPN
When implementing C2S VPNs, Thomas Schoope is often asked how to simply switch from VPN to inside usage and back. Here is his solution.

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