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08 Aug 2007
Changing the Default Port used by ZENworks Linux Management (ZLM)
If you are having trouble configuring ZLM, you may be experiencing a conflict with the default port 80, which is often used for other things. Novell's D Umesh explains how to make ZLM listen on another port. Very handy!

23 Jan 2007
Opening a Custom Mail Client from the "Mailto" Option in a Web Page
D Umesh shares a simple method you can try so your users can open a custom mail client when they click "mailto" in a Web page.

30 Nov 2005
Bypass Trashcan When Deleting Files
Umesh shows us how easy it is to delete files outright instead of placing them in the trashcan.

03 Nov 2005
HowTo: Disable CTRL+ALT+DEL in Novell Linux Desktop
This type of thing can be useful for users of VNC. If this key combination is pressed, the local operating system usually catches it, rather than sending it to the remote operating system. This is an explanation of how to disable the key combination for the local machine.

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