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A Bit About Domnic

Domnic is presently in his final year of pursuing his MCA in the Department of Computer Science and Technology at Goa University. He has been using Linux for about five years and has tried various Distros including Redhat, Mandrake, SUSE, Lindows, etc.

The Complete Works of Domnic

10 Apr 2007
Configuring Dual Boot for Linux and Windows Vista
Domnic Mendes shares a tip on how to configure your computer to dual boot Linux and Windows Vista.

18 Oct 2006
Why Doesn't Linux Need Defragmenting?
Dominic Mendes found a great explanation about why Linux doesn't need defragmenting and wanted to share it the Cool Solutions community.

10 May 2006
Grease Monkey: Customizing Web Pages as per your Requirements
If you are troubled by popup advertisements you use pop-up blockers. But how do you handle advertisements that are within web pages and bug you, since they are many times irrelevant and annoying. Well Its now time to control the look n feel and contents using Grease Monkey.

10 May 2006
Using Ipod on your Linux Pc
Dominic Mendes shares a great way to work your iPod on Linux.

31 Mar 2006
Directory Listing
Prints directory listing a.k.a ls command.

14 Mar 2006
Loginname Shell Script
Reports when specified person logs in.

13 Mar 2006
Low Swap Space Notification
Notifies when free swap space is less than n bytes.

30 Nov 2005
Customize Apache's Default Error Pages
Dominic Mendes shows how easy it is to customize the error pages displayed by Apache.

17 Nov 2005
Enable Webdav Tech in Apache 2
Dominic Mendes explains how to enable Webdav technology in Apache 2.

14 Nov 2005
Use keyboard shortcuts at the command line
The bash shell offers a lot of power for interacting with the command line. By default, the shell uses an Emacs-like mode to edit lines, which you can change to a vi-like mode. The mode you choose largely depends on which editor you're most comfortable with.

14 Nov 2005
Make Firefox more powerful for Linux with these three tweaks
The Firefox Web browser is quickly becoming one of the most prominent Web browsers available. The fact that it is cross-platform makes it a comfortable browser for users who have to use more than one OS. There are, however, a number of hidden "gems" that you can enable that make Firefox even more powerful than it is "out of the box."

14 Nov 2005
Linux Equivalents of DOS Commands
Domnic Mendes provides a list of common DOS commands and their Linux equivalents.

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