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28 Jun 2007
AppNote: Enhancing ZENworks Desktop Management with AutoIt
Novell's Eugene Phua provides detailed instructions that will help you use AutoIT integrated with ZENworks to install programs without user intervention. Very useful to add to your bag of tricks.

16 Mar 2006
A Data Backup and Recovery Strategy
If you're looking for a data backup and recovery solution, check out this new AppNote by Eugene Phua. He explains how to implement an inexpensive and elegant data backup and recovery strategy that will help you minimize downtime in the event of a disaster.

11 Jul 2005
AppNote: How to Implement Login Scripts into a Pure Linux Environment
Written for existing Linux admins, this appnote explains in detail the various options and requirements for various Login Scripts in Linux. From LDAP to Crontab, this appnote is very informative.

11 Aug 2004
AppNote: How to Implement a 2 Node Cluster without External Shared Storage
Eugene Phua explains how to implement a 2 Node Cluster service on NetWare 6.5. This solution is ideal for services that have data that are either static or small. A NetWare 6.5 cluster can be implemented without any shared storage and it has all the advantages of a cluster. Since the applications do not require data storage, this solution requires only 2 NetWare 6.5 servers, and this should be affordable for most companies.

20 Jul 2004
AppNote: Implementing iFolder Server in the DMZ with iFolder Data inside the Firewall
With NetWare 6.5, you are able to configure a high availability iFolder solution that is both secure and inexpensive. It is secure because your data is protected inside the firewall. It is inexpensive because you only need three NetWare 6.5 servers without the costly SAN equipment. And since licenses are based on users, you can install as many NetWare 6.5 servers as you want; you are only limited by the number of servers you have. Eugene Phua explains exactly how to put it all together in this nicely detailed AppNote.

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