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03 Oct 2007
Adding Alternative Names with Certificate Signing Requests
This tip from Klaus Gast shows you how to get alternative names into a CSR, using a process that leverages OpenSSL.

26 Sep 2007
Fixing iChain Fonts in Firefox
If your problem is iChain fonts that are too large in Firefox, Klaus Gast has your answer ...

06 Jun 2007
Troubleshooting SDIDIAG and NICI Problems
Klaus Gast shares some insights on dealing with SDIDIAG and NICI problems that may come up with server maintenance.

09 Dec 2005
Working with 3rd Party Certificates and iChain 2.3
Neil Cashell and Klaus Gast describe three main problem scenarios you might encounter when dealing with Certificate Authorities. Learn about the tools and tricks that allow administrators to get almost any third party certificate to work with iChain 2.3.

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