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11 May 2007
Creating a DFS Junction on OES Linux
Florian Deckert shares a tip on how to create a DFS junction on OES Linux.

22 Feb 2007
Consolidate Data Between OES Linux Servers
Florian Deckert explains how to consolidate data between OES Linux servers.

11 Aug 2006
Running VMware Server on a NSS partition with OES
Florian Deckert shares a solution for a problem he had with VMware crashing with the error: caught signal 7.

08 Dec 2005
Distribute Printer Drivers Across the Network with RSYNC
Florian Deckert shows you how you can use RSYNC to distribute printer drivers across the network.

10 Nov 2005
Patch Existing PHP Web Server to Make it NetWare Compatible
Florian Deckert shares some scripts that will patch your existing PHP web server to make it NetWare compatible.

24 Oct 2005
iPrint Map Links
Modified version of map tool to handle geographical maps.

29 Sep 2005
Using RSYNC to Distribute a MySQL Database to a NetWare Server
In a previous article, Florian Deckert showed you how to use RSYNC to distribute a static web server to a NetWare server. In this article, he explains how to distribute a MySQL database.

31 Aug 2005
How to use Branch Office to Replicate an Intranet Web Site and Redirect Users to Nearest Copy
Florian Deckert explains how to use Branch Office NetWare servers to replicate a central intranet, and automatically redirect users to the nearest copy.

29 Jul 2003
Keeping Logins Painless for Roaming Users
In this day and age, more and more of us are dealing with mobile workforces. Here's an excellent tip (complete with accompanying code snippet) that illustrates how Cool contributor Florian Deckert deals with a roaming workforce.

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