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The Complete Works of Perry

21 Nov 2007
Changing a Notes DateTime Field
Perry Nuffer shows how to set the HTTPPasswordChangeDate value in the Domino directory, using an XDS input document example.

10 Oct 2007
Using Alternate Mailfile Templates with the Lotus Notes Driver
This tip from Perry Nuffer demonstrates another approach to using mailfile templates with the IDM Notes driver.

03 Oct 2007
Notes Driver Support for XDS Attribute Types and Field Data Types
Perry Nuffer describes the XDS attribute types and Lotus Notes field data types that are supported by the Notes IDM driver.

26 Sep 2007
"Expired Query-Ex Data" in the Lotus Notes Driver
Perry Nuffer explains the mystery behind "expired query ex-data" in the IDM driver for Lotus Notes.

12 Sep 2007
IDM Notes Driver and Association Values
Why does the Notes driver always publishes association values in IDM? Perry Nuffer provides a few answers here ...

05 Sep 2007
Solving Notes Driver Error "Operation stopped at your request"
Perry Nuffer provides some insight on a curious error with the Lotus Notes driver for Identity Manager.

29 Aug 2007
Troubleshooting Lotus Notes Driver Issues
Perry Nuffer returns with this timely tip for solving a startup problem with the Lotus Notes driver on Linux, Solaris, and AIX.

25 Jul 2007
Syncing an Attribute from Notes to eDirectory after Create
Perry Nuffer shares a policy that helps synchronize an attribute back from Notes to eDirectory after it is created.

27 Jun 2007
Storing Multiple Attribute Changes in a Single Document, with the Notes Driver
Here's a tip and some sample code from Perry Nuffer that helps you get your changing attributes into one request.

16 May 2007
Setting Notes User Passwords with NotesDriverShim v3.5
Novell's Perry Nuffer is back with a detailed explanation on setting passwords using the Lotus Notes NotesDriverShim v3.5 for IDM.

25 Apr 2007
Using Custom Notes Fields in IDM
Perry Nuffer shares an example policy for storing data in a custom Notes field using Identity Manager.

25 Apr 2007
Dealing with GroupType Fields in Notes
Perry Nuffer explains how to work around a problem with how GroupType fields are default-filled using the IDM Notes driver.

28 Mar 2007
Creating New Notes Users using the Unique Org Unit
Perry Nuffer shares a sample rule that gets new Notes users created via the Unique Org Unit field.

21 Mar 2007
Using Names without IDs in Notes
What good is using names in Notes with the corresponding ID? Novell's Perry Nuffer has some answers ...

14 Mar 2007
Running Domino Console Commands on Password Change
This tip from Perry Nuffer explains how you can get set up to run Domino Console commands when a password change comes in from your Identity Vault.

21 Feb 2007
Using the Address Book Mode in Lotus Notes
Novell's Perry Nuffer describes the features and behaviors of the Address Book mode for the IDM driver for Notes.

14 Feb 2007
Trimming Long Attributes in eDirectory
If you have some of the world's longest names in your Notes fields, you can trim them down to size with this solution from Novell's Perry Nuffer.

24 Jan 2007
Mailfile Quota Size Setting Not Replicated on IDM Driver for Lotus Notes
Novell's Perry Nuffer explains how the mailfile quota size for the Notes driver may get ignored, and what you can do about it ...

17 Jan 2007
Troubleshooting Connection and File Access Problems with Notes
Here are some helpful troubleshooting tips for problems with the Domino Server and Notes, courtesy of Perry Nuffer.

17 Jan 2007
Using Manager Groups in Notes
Novell's Perry Nuffer explains a little-known custom parameter in the IDM3 that supports groups that contain a variety of Notes object types.

22 Nov 2006
Lotus Notes: Adding Group Membership during "Add User"
Perry Nuffer explains groups and group membership in Lotus Notes, and how to get users associated properly.

22 Nov 2006
Synching Multiple Address Books in Lotus Notes with eDirectory
Novell's Perry Nuffer explains how to synchronize Lotus Notes users from multiple address books with eDirectory.

27 Sep 2006
Creating a Mail File to Use on an External Server
Novell's Perry Nuffer shows how to create a mail file on a server other than where the Lotus Notes driver is running.

20 Sep 2006
Password Sync and the Notes Driver
Perry Nuffer shares some insights on how the Notes Driver for Identity Manager interacts with Universal Password for synchronization.

30 Aug 2006
Handling Custom Attributes in Notes
Novell's Perry Nuffer returns with some cool insights on Lotus Notes custom attributes and how to handle them.

23 Aug 2006
Generating a Unique Notes FullName prior to Notes Registration
Novell's Perry Nuffer shares a style sheet that finds unique Notes FullNames so user-add commands don't fail.

26 Jul 2006
GW Driver: Address Book and External Users
Novell's Perry Nuffer shares an approach and a sample placement rule for adding GroupWise users without mailboxes.

19 Jul 2006
Vetoing Group-Modifies for Users without DirXML Associations
If you need to get users added and associated before putting them into groups, this tip from Novell's Perry Nuffer should help.

19 Apr 2006
Preventing IDM Changes to the notes.ini File
If you need to prevent Identity Manager from adding entries to the Lotus notes.ini file, check out this tip from Novell's Perry Nuffer.

29 Mar 2006
Keeping Expired Users Out of Lotus Notes
If your "expired" users can still log in to Lotus Notes, check out this configuration solution from Novell's Perry Nuffer.

15 Mar 2006
Updating the Notes HTTPPassword
Novell's Perry Nuffer shares a handul of tips to help you avoid problems when updating the Lotus Notes HTTPPassword.

01 Mar 2006
Solving Password Problems with the Lotus Notes Driver
Novell's Perry Nuffer provides a workaround for modify-password failures that occur in certain cases with the NotesDriverShim.

22 Feb 2006
Using the Domino Admin Process with the Notes Driver Shim
Novell's Perry Nuffer demonstrates how to get the most from the Domino Admin Process with the Lotus Notes driver shim.

15 Feb 2006
Solving Lotus Notes "Corruption" Problems
Do read errors from the Lotus Notes Driver indicate database corruption? Often the answer is no, as Novell's Perry Nuffer demonstrates ...

19 Jan 2006
Lotus Notes Troubleshooting
If you've ever received the "Vector must contain objects all of the same class" error from your Lotus Notes driver, you'll find relief with this solution from Novell's Perry Nuffer.

15 Dec 2005
Lotus Notes Driver Tip
Need some help with the Lotus Notes driver? Novell's Perry Nuffer shares information about license types and contributes a sample subscriber channel policy.

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