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Jim Willeke

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A Bit About Jim

Jim is an LDAP and eDirectory Consultant with more than 20 years of design experience with managing Identities.

The Complete Works of Jim

23 May 2007
Getting Group Membership, eDirectory to Active Directory
Jim Willeke shares some advice and some sample code for doing user group assignments, based on OU attribute matching.

16 May 2007
Setting and Updating a Counter Value from an IDM Policy
Jim Willeke's site is worth checking out - this tip explains how to update Global Configuration Values.

04 Apr 2007
Assigning a Universal Password Policy with a Simple-Password User
How do you assign a Universal Password policy to a simple-password user? This tip from Jim Willeke may help ...

07 Feb 2007
Password Information Tool
If you need to know about passwords, this tool may help.

30 Jan 2007
Group Fix Tool
If your groups are out of whack, this tool may help.

29 Nov 2006
IDM Code Snippets
Here's another cool page from Jim Willeke's site - it has code snippets you can use to perform basic and important IDM tasks.

18 Oct 2006
IDM and OID - Jim Willeke's Web Page
Check out Jim Willeke's web page on tips for using Identity Manager with Oracle Internet Directory (OID).

15 Dec 2005
Extracting the Contents of an MSI File
In the short and sweet department, here's a heads up tip about a tool you might find useful.

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