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02 May 2007
Myth about TCP Port 443 and Novell Access Manager 3.0 SSLVPN
Can Access Manager run on TCP port 443? Chendil Kumar provides the answer ...

04 Apr 2007
Getting Additional Stunnel Logs via SSL VPN
With this tip from Chendil Kumar you can get more stunnel logs for your Linux client, via SSL VPN.

21 Mar 2007
SSL VPN Load Balancing for Access Manager
In this AppNote, Chendil Kumar explains how to use the Novell SSL VPN included in Access Manager 3 to provide secure access to non-HTTP based applications inside a corporate network.

30 Jan 2007
Traffic Tool
Migrate the Traffic rules from BM 3.8 to Later Versions.

22 Dec 2006
How to Use Novell VPN in Network Manager to Connect to Nortel Contivity Switch
Chendil Kumar explains how to connect to the Nortel Contivity Switch using the VPN Client integrated with the Network Manager in SLED 10.

06 Dec 2006
SSL-izing Traffic from Access Gateway to the SSL VPN Server
Chendil Kumar explains how to add a layer of SSL security to your Access Manager communications.

08 Nov 2006
Setting Up an IPSec VPN Tunnel between Nortel and an NBM 3.8.4 Server
In this AppNote, Chendil Kumar explains how to connect Nortel and NBM servers with an IPSec VPN tunnel.

29 Dec 2005
Client-To-Site VPN Tunnel: NBM 3.8 EP Server, Openswan Client, Xauth
In this article by Novell's Chendil Kumar, you'll learn how to set up a VPN tunnel between the NBM 3.8 SP4 server and an Openswan VPN Client in the Xauth PSS Mode.

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