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NYC born and raised, this resident of the Bronx has been working with Novell products since 1983. He now has his own consulting practice after working with Novell for 12 years as a Systems Engineer.

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02 Mar 2006
Troubleshooting Slow Computer Performance
If a client calls you up and says that their computer seems to be slow, and that it seems to be talking a lot to the network even when they are not doing anything, here's a nice tip from Roy Lopez that will help you sort out what is going on.

12 Jan 2006
Installing iFolder v2.1.3 on Windows 2003
Roy Lopez shares some tips to help you install iFolder v2.1.3 on Windows 2003.

23 Jun 2004
Single Object Recovery through DeTroubler
Here's a Partner Spotlight article on the DeTroubler tool. Get an inside look at the technology that DeTroubler uses to intelligently back up and recover user objects, making IT life just that much easier.

26 May 1999
Integrating Thin-Client Servers with NDS and ZENworks
The integration of Novell products such as NDS and ZENworks with the thin-Client servers satisfies the desires of both network administrators and end-users. End-users get a consistent desktop wherever they are and the performance they demand. Administrators have a single tool that can be used to administer both standard desktops and thin-clients. Read all about it in this special article.

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