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14 Nov 2006
Packaging Microsoft Patches using Novell Application Launcher
Pete Demers details the process of patching without elevating rights, making sure that you only patch the workstations that really need it -- all through the magic of ZENworks. If you have Microsoft in your environment, you're going to love this.

08 Nov 2006
Making Sure the System Time is Set Correctly Before Imaging
To ensure that the system time is set correctly on the PCs prior to imaging, Pete Demers's team came up with the following method of getting the time from a time server and using that time to set the hardware clock.

18 Oct 2006
Loading the Appropriate HAL via a single Image
Pete Demers explains how they are able to create an addon image that contains all the appropriate HALs, so they can distribute the right thing to everyone via a single image. Freshly updated with new suggestions.

26 May 2006
Adding more Addon Image files based on PC Configuration
Ever wish you could add more Addon Image files based on the configuration of the PC? Here's how you do it, courtesy of Pete Demers.

17 May 2006
Custom ZEN Menu
Text-based menu for ZEN Imaging.

12 Jan 2006
Using the PC Asset Tag number in the PC Name for Imaging
If you want to use the PC's Asset Tag or Serial Number in the PC name using ZENworks Imaging, this one's for you.

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