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The Complete Works of Dave

07 Aug 2007
Shared Folders Utility for Windows
Dave Parkes shares a cool utility that helps GroupWise users get the most of shared folders.

10 Apr 2007
Hiding GroupWise ID's from the Address Book
Dave Parkes shares a quick tip for making sure your NDS login IDs don't show up in your GroupWise Address Books.

27 Mar 2007
Restoring a User without Changing the Password
Dave Parkes explains how to get access to restored content without having to change a user's password on the production system.

16 Jan 2007
Planning Annual Calendar Dates
Here's a tip from Dave Parkes that helps you get Autodate working with annual calendar events.

18 Jan 2006
Tracking User Object Connections
Forum expert Dave Parkes shares a code sample that helps you track the last logged-in user.

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