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Michael Faris
Senior Network Engineer

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A Bit About Michael

Mike has been working with Novell products since 1987, with backgrounds in Banking, Technology and Health Care industries utilizing heavy NetWare implementations. He is currently a Senior Network Engineer with Aviall, Inc., (wholly owned subsidiary of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services), headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

The Complete Works of Michael

01 Nov 2007
Automating OES 2 Installation Using PXE Boot and AutoYaST
Installing OES 2 using PXE Boot and AutoYaST eliminates the need for boot media, installation media and inconsistent server installations. Mike Faris explains how to set up and configure the installation Server.

01 Nov 2007
Customizing AutoYaST for OES 2 Installation
AutoYaST allows for automating your SLES 10 installations, eliminating repetitious tasks by deployment teams. Mike Faris shows you how to customize AutoYaST for your SLES 10 installations.

03 Oct 2007
Creating Temporary Security Access for NAM 3 using Roles
Mike Faris explains how to grant temporary system access to outside personnel, using Roles with Access Manager.

26 Sep 2007
Personalizing Novell Access Manager Using Custom Headers and LDAP
Now you can personalize the look and feel of your NAM environment, thanks to this handy article from Mike Faris.

12 Sep 2007
Lotus Notes Redirection on Novell Access Manager Using PHP and LDAP
In this AppNote, Mike Faris shows how to configure Access Manager to determine on which Notes server the current logged in user resides, and present only a single email icon.

29 Aug 2007
Fixing Multiple Interface Problems with Tomcat on Novell Access Manager 3.0.1
Mike Faris and Neil Cashell team up to solve a few tricky issues with Tomcat on Access Manager.

22 Aug 2007
Migrating AD into eDirectory, using OpenLDAP on OES
This AppNote by Mike Faris takes you step by step through the process of migrating Active Directory data into eDirectory on an OES system, using OpenLDAP.

08 Aug 2007
Changing Ports in Novell Access Manager 3.0.1
If you're faced with changing ports with Access Manager, this step-by-step guide from Mike Faris should come in handy.

20 Jul 2007
Migrating Microsoft DNS to OES Linux
Michael Faris shares instructions on how to migrate DNS zones from Windows to Linux.

18 Jul 2007
Removing Identity Manager v3.5 from a NetWare 6.5 Server
Mike Faris describes how to remove an instance of the IDM Engine from your NetWare Server.

21 Jun 2007
Complete NetWare to OES Linux Migration Guide
Mike Faris shares a step-by-step guide on how to migrate a server from NetWare to OES Linux.

02 May 2007
IDM 3.5 Synchronization to the Production Tree and Testing LDAP Searches
Mike Faris concludes his three-part series on synchronization with Identity Manager 3.5.

18 Apr 2007
Setting up eDirectory to eDirectory Drivers using Identity Manager 3.5
Mike Faris continues his series of articles on how to set up and use eDir-to-eDir drivers with IDM 3.5.

11 Apr 2007
Improved LDAP Search Tree for eDirectory 8.8 and IDM 3.5, Part 1
In this article, Mike Faris shows us how to create an improved LDAP Search Tree for applications that use eDirectory 8.8 and Identity Manager 3.5. Part 1 focuses on creating multiple eDirectory trees on a single SLES server with eDirectory 8.8.1.

15 Mar 2007
Changing Server Names for ZENworks Asset Management v7.5
Michael Faris details how he successfully changed the names of his ZENworks Asset Management servers when they moved them from their test environment into production.

22 Sep 2006
SAN to SAN Migration Using Server Consolidation/Migration Utility
Mike Faris explains how to move data from one SAN volume to a new SAN using the Novell Server Consolidation and Migration Utility.

23 Mar 2006
Creating Custom Roles and Assignments in iManager 2.x
eDirectory administration is getting easier and easier. Mike Faris shares a step-by-step approach for setting up Custom Roles and Assignments in iManager, complete with screen shots to guide you.

22 Feb 2006
Converting Novell Branch Office to Standard NetWare 6.5
Michael Faris explains how to convert Novell Branch Office to a standard NetWare 6.5 SP2 server. Script examples are included.

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