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15 Mar 2000
Troubleshooting SNMP Application Logging
There are many steps to ensuring SNMP Application Reporting will work properly. This document will try to provide an explanation of that process, helpful implementation tips, and troubleshooting steps that may assist you in making sure it works properly and as designed.

01 Mar 2000
Understanding the Microsoft Office 2000 Installer
This is an extremely useful discussion of the Office 2000 Installer, which will help you to utilize ZENworks distribution to the fullest. If you ever plan to use Office 2000 and ZENworks together, you won't want to miss this one, from the zenworksMASTER himself.

02 Feb 2000
Using ZENworks to Distribute the Microsoft Windows Installer
Using ZENworks, you can push out the Windows Installer by itself prior to installing any Windows Installer compliant applications (ex. Office 2000). In addition, you can use ZENworks application objects to toggle the registry keys on and off to enable and disable elevated privileges as desired on your target workstations.

17 Nov 1999
Inventory Basics
Hardware and software inventory management is one of the prime reasons people buy ZENworks. Companies tend to have a lot of capital invested in these assets, and expect the IT manager to keep careful track of it. But it's a complex task to set up everything properly, and it generates quite a few questions when people first begin to use it. We thought it would be a good addition to our Basics section if we had an expert shine some light on the subject. Here's an excellent piece from the ZENworksmaster himself, Gary Busby.

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