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Phillip currently works Novell as a Technical Specialist for Linux & Datacenter. He previously worked for Rackspace Managed Hosting in San Antonio, TX as an Operations Engineer in the IT/IS Department maintaining various directory services implementations consisting primarily of Novell's eDirectory and Identity Manager and OpenLDAP. He was also heavily involved with designing and deploying new systems to support Rackspace's diverse infrastructure. Phillip has been working with UNIX and assorted distributions of Linux for 7+ years.

The Complete Works of Phillip

26 Apr 2007
Removing Devices that haven't checked in to ZENworks Linux Management for awhile
There is no automated function to remove managed devices that have not "checked in" to ZLM for a defined period of time. Philip Cockrell shares a handy script that will help with the cleanup chores.

19 Sep 2006
Using RSYNC for Content Replication in ZENworks Linux Management
If you occasionally have trouble getting Tiered Electronic Distribution to replicate the package data store, this one's for you. Philip Cockrell explains how to doing it using RSYNC and CRON. Nifty!

23 Mar 2006
Installing the Identity Manager Remote Loader on Debian Linux
Need to get the IDM Remote Loader on Debian? Phillip Cockrell shows you how in this step-by-step explanation.

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