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26 Oct 2007
ZENworks 7 Imaging from USB drives using EXT2 partitions
Updated with instructions about using EXT2 partitions. Rich Bryant shares the steps to facilitate using a large external USB Hard drive for ZENworks 7 Disconnected Imaging. It utilizes the ZENworks CD software modified to run on USB storage devices and sets up a data volume to hold your images.

16 Oct 2007
ZENworks 7 SP1 Imaging on USB
Start the ZENworks 7 imaging from a USB thumbdrive instead of the boot CD.

14 Nov 2006
Helping the ZENworks Boot CD Recognize a new NIC
If you have ever experienced the frustration of the ZENworks Boot CD not recognizing a new NIC, you'll appreciate this great contribution from Rich Bryant.

27 Apr 2006
Check GroupWise Users for Password
Batch file to test if GroupWise users have a password and create a report when finished.

27 Mar 2006
Custom ZENworks 65 Boot CD
Build a custom bootcd.iso for ZENworks 6.5 using SUSE 10.

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