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Gaurav Vaidya, has been writing for print publications since start of this millennium. He is trying to acquire little knowledge about information security, research in IT field and software testing, apart from other more important things in life. He happens to be Bachelor's and Master's degree holder in Computer Science & Engineering. He also has 30+ article publications & multiple International Conference Talks to his credit.

The Complete Works of Gaurav

24 Oct 2007
Identity Management - an Inevitable Need
In this AppNote, Gaurav Vaidya provides a broad view of identity management and explains why you can't afford to be without a solid identity management plan for your business.

20 Dec 2006
Deploying Novell BorderManager 3.8 as a Virtual Host in a VMware Environment
This AppNote by Aruna Kumari and Gaurav Vaidya helps you install and run BorderManager on the VMware platform, in a variety of helpful scenarios.

18 May 2006
Easter eggs for Novell Linux Desktop
In the computing world, Easter eggs are kind of undocumented features, messages, graphics, sound effects etc, which are invoked in response to some undocumented set of user actions. There have been instances of complete flight simulator program embedded in a spreadsheet program. Similarly there are certain undocumented features exists, right there on your Novell Linux Desktop.

05 Apr 2006
Deploying Load Balancing for NBM using Session Failover and the L4 Switch
Novell's Bhavani ST and Gaurav Vaidya share a solution for high availability and failover for HTTP forward proxy, transparent to end users. The solution is based on load balancing capability of any L4 switch and session failover feature of Novell BorderManager 3.8.4.

08 Mar 2006
Configuring the NBM 3.8 VPN Client with with the NSM 6 Server, using PSK
In this AppNote, Novell's Gaurav Vaidya explains how to configure a Client to Site (Host to Network) VPN service with Novell Security Manager as the VPN server, and Novell BorderManager 3.8 as the VPN client.

02 Jun 2005
AppNote: Configuring an IPsec Tunnel between NBM and NSM
In this AppNote from Guarav Vaidya, you'll learn how to get a site-to-site VPN connection configured between BorderManager 3.8 and Novell Security Manager 5.1.

02 Dec 2004
AppNote: NBM to Openswan: Site-to-site VPN Made Easy
This AppNote helps you get your site-to-site VPN services up and running between BorderManager and Openswan. It includes steps, diagrams, and sample code to help you get going.

02 Dec 2004
Setting up a VPN Tunnel - NBM and Openswan Slaves
In this companion article to the NBM/Openswan AppNote, you'll find out how to set up workable VPN tunnels between NBM and Openswan slaves. The results: a complete mesh of VPN site-to-site tunnels among the VPN servers.

18 Feb 2004
AppNote: Understanding Rules in Novell Client Firewall 2.0
Novell Client Firewall (NCF) is a solution which not only controls how the users are allowed to use their workstations but it also makes the client computer invisible on the Internet. NCF secures individual workstations by deploying firewall rules and policies at each end node. How NCF behaves and how secure is the end point depends on how the rules and policies are configured. This Appnote describes the NCF rules and policies in detail. It also explains rule processing within NCF to help end user or administrator to securely configure the firewall for end node.

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