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John is currently working as an Engineer with VMware International in Ireland. VMware develops virtualisation technology which allows multiple Operating Systems to run on a single Host Computer. He previously worked for the IBM Linux Mainframe Research & Development Department, EMCs Advanced Solutions Group and Siemens AG. He graduated with a BSc in Software Development with German from Cork Institute of Technology.

John is a huge fan of SUSE Linux and uses it both at home and in the office. Check out his blog at

The Complete Works of John

25 Jan 2007
Creating Color Contrast Images in The Gimp
John O'Riordan shows you how to create black and white images with just a few color components for striking images.

22 Jun 2006
Install Non-RPM Applications
Luckily for us most major programs are available as RPMs. Usually, in fact, RPMs especially packed for SUSE installations. However, what happens when you find that gem of a program that is going to save your life but it only comes as a stand-alone installer? Typically, when you install these files there is no interaction with your Windows Manager and also often you can only run the program from the folder it was installed into. In this article I will run you through how to fully integrate these programs into your desktop Environment and run them from anywhere.

17 May 2006
AmaroK: Media Player Reviewed
One of the applications that people would most like to see on Linux is iTunes and if we could get it on Linux that'd be great. But in the meantime I've been using amaroK to move music to my iPod. For those who may not be aware of it AmaroK is one of the best, if not the best, music management applications around.

06 Apr 2006
siga: System Information GAthering
Need a nice neat way to gather and display all of the information about your system? The 'siga' command can help you out with this. John O'Riordan takes us through a quick intro to this slick tool.

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