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A Bit About Geoffrey

Geoffrey Carman (aka geoffc) works at Computer Integrated Services of New York, a consulting firm in the New York city region. His focus is on Identity Management, but likes to think he can pretty much do anything else, if needed. Except fly. Flying is for the birds.

The Complete Works of Geoffrey

12 Dec 2007
LDAP Password Changes and Versions of Security Services
Geoff Carman

05 Dec 2007
Managing the eDirectory Database Cache
You can manage you eDirectory database cache more effectively, thanks to this tip from Geoff Carman.

28 Nov 2007
IDM SAP HR Driver: Where to Get the JConnect Libraries
Geoff Carman explains how to find the files you need to support the SAP HR driver for Novell Identity Manager.

21 Nov 2007
Calling Stored Procedures with the IDM JDBC Driver
Geoff Carman explains how you call stored procedures using Policy Builder, GCV, XML Parse, and destCommandProcessor - with the JDBC driver.

14 Nov 2007
Moving the IDM Designer Location in Linux
This tip from Geoff Carman explains how to successfully move IDM Designer from one location to another in Linux.

14 Nov 2007
Another Reason to Use -host in dxcmd
Geoff Carman explains why the -host parameter is the way to go, if you are using dxcmd and running multiple eDirectory instances.

07 Nov 2007
About the IDM Integration Module/Composer
Here are some interesting insights into the new Novell Identity Manager Integration Module 2.1 for Enterprise, including the Composer tool - courtesy of Geoff Carman.

07 Nov 2007
Using DXCMD in a Script
Here's a sample script and explanation from Geoff Carman that helps you run the dxcmd app to restart eDirectory and start necessary drivers.

31 Oct 2007
Using Secret Store
Geoff Carman takes a look at the benefits of using Novell Secret Store with SecureLogin and Identity Manager.

24 Oct 2007
Troubleshooting IF-THEN-ELSE Blocks with IDM Code
Geoff Carman explains a subtle bug dealing with IF-THEN-ELSE command ordering, and how to resolve it.

24 Oct 2007
Changing iManager 2.7 Default Timeout
Geoff Carman describes how to change the default 30-minute timeout for iManager version 2.7.

17 Oct 2007
IDM Engine Event Caching
In this Appnote, Geoff Carman takes us behind the scenes with the powerful event caching feature of Identity Manager.

17 Oct 2007
Unique Name Token Functionality in IDM 3.5
Geoff Carman describes IDM 3.5's Unique Name Token feature, along with an interesting peculiarity ...

10 Oct 2007
Adding IDM Driver Support for Intruder Lockout Detection on Linux/UNIX
Now you can implement IDM support for Intruder Lockout Detection on Linux and UNIX, thanks to this solution from Geoff Carman.

26 Sep 2007
AD Driver Default Rule Oddity
Geoff Carman explores a strange characteristic in an AD Driver rule for IDM. If you know why it behaves like it does, let us know ...

12 Sep 2007
Workaround for -404 Error in iManager
This tip by Geoff Carman helps you solve a -404 error in iManager that actually stems from a Firefox bug.

12 Sep 2007
Solving Search Issues with ConsoleOne
If you're not getting great results from ConsoleOne searches, this tip from Geoff Carman may clear things up for you ...

22 Aug 2007
Using the Time Tokens in IDM 3.5
Geoff Carman explains how to use two of the cool new features of Identity Manager 3.5 - the Time and Convert Time tokens. *Update - Test Button information added*

22 Aug 2007
Using the JDBC Driver and Direct SQL
This article from Geoff Carman shows you how to issue SQL calls from Policy Builder in Identity Manager.

22 Aug 2007
Using the JDBC IDM Driver with Custom Descriptor Files
Geoff Carman explains how to work around a loading problem when you are using custom descriptor files with the JDBC driver.

15 Aug 2007
Using the Work Order Driver in IDM
Geoff Carman provides an overview of the new Work Order driver in IDM 3.5, including strategies for how and why to use it.

15 Aug 2007
IDM JDBC Driver and Third-Party JDBC Driver Versioning
Geoff Carman explains how to get proper version matching between the IDM JDBC driver and an Oracle JDBC driver.

15 Aug 2007
Auxiliary Classes and Identity Manager
Here's a tip from Geoff Carman that helps you avoid problems with missing mandatory Auxilliary classes in Identity Manager.

08 Aug 2007
Handling Port Collisions with Multi-Instance eDirectory
Geoff Carman explains how to avoid port collisions that can sometimes occur when you run multiple instances of eDirectory on a server.

08 Aug 2007
Solving RDP Issues on Remote Loader
This tip from Geoff Carman demonstrates a simple way to get NDSTrace and other options working, when you're connected via RDP.

01 Aug 2007
Password Transformation Rule Sets
In this AppNote, Geoff Carman takes a detailed look at the policies in the default IDM 3.5 driver sets, adding comments and useful tips.

01 Aug 2007
Open Call - Rules that Need Updating when Migrating to IDM 3.5
If you've found a rule that needs to updated for an IDM 2.x or 3.x driver so it works better with IDM 3.5, Geoff Carman wants to know ...

25 Jul 2007
Upgrading the Notes Driver Shim in IDM 3.5
This article by Geoff Carman sheds light on some useful tips for when you upgrade the Notes Driver shim in Identity Manager 3.5.

25 Jul 2007
Designer and XML Validation
Here's a tip by Geoff Carman that points out some "stupid XML tricks" and how to avoid them when using Designer for IDM.

25 Jul 2007
Setting the Notes ID Password in IDM 3.5
Geoff Carman explains how to get access to the Notes ID file via IDM 3.5, in order to set the user password.

18 Jul 2007
Limitation to AS400 Driver Support in IDM
Geoff Carman explains a problem with bidirectional synchronization between IDM and i5os for AS400 - and how to avoid it.

18 Jul 2007
Solving License Activation Issues on IDM 3.5
Geoff Carman explains a "gotcha" with the IDM 3.5 licensing model and how to take care of it.

18 Jul 2007
Association Problems when Updating the i5os Bidirectional Driver to IDM 3.5
Here's another workaround tip from Geoff Carman, helping you avoid upper/lowercase issues in driver association values.

11 Jul 2007
Setting Passwords with the Notes Driver on a Remote Share
You can get remote access to ID files through the Notes driver, thanks to this tip from Geoff Carman.

11 Jul 2007
Solving Account Disabled Issues with the AS400 Bidirectional Driver
Geoff Carman shares a rule that allows a disable action to flow from AS400 to eDirectory.

05 Jul 2007
Upgrading a ZENworks Asset Management/Inventory server from 7 to 7.5
Geoffrey Carman shares a couple of gotchas to watch out for when you are upgrading your ZAM server. Thanks, Geoffrey!

05 Jul 2007
Open Call - IDM Association Values for eDirectory Objects
Geoff Carman wants to get a complete list of the available association values for eDirectory objects in IDM - and you can help by joining this Open Call ...

05 Jul 2007
Good Grammar - and IDM Rules
Sometimes being good is bad - at least when it comes to grammar habits and IDM rules, as Geoff Carman explains ...

13 Jun 2007
More about UniqueID in eDirectory
Geoff Carman shares additional insights about the purpose and use of the eDirectory UniqueID, and how it compares with the CN.

13 Jun 2007
More about the Veto Command for Scoping Events
Geoffrey Carman handles an exception to the Veto rule in this tip.

09 May 2007
Avoiding Startup Vetos with Scoping Rules
Here's a tip from Geoff Carman that helps you apply scoping to your IDM driver without inadvertently vetoing the driver startup.

25 Apr 2007
Response: Tracking Admin Passwords
Geoff Carman responds to the Cool Solutions Open Call for advice about tracking admin passwords.

11 Apr 2007
Mapping CN to Full Name with the Notes Driver
In this tip, Geoff Carman explains how to control the information that gets synced to eDirectory through the IDM Notes driver.

04 Apr 2007
IDM 3.5 - Update on New Features
Here's a walkthrough of some of the cool new features in Identity Manager 3.5, courtesy of Geoff Carman.

04 Apr 2007
Finding the Last Item in DSTrace Live
Geoff Carman shares a workaround that helps you see the entire trace file you need, not just the last few seconds in DSTrace Live.

28 Mar 2007
Setting a Multiple Mailfile Path with the IDM Notes Driver
Geoff Carman explains how to get a multiple mailfile path working, along with a sample IDM rule.

06 Feb 2007
OPEN CALL: Troubleshooting ZENworks Asset Management Connectivity
Freshly updated! Here are some good things to look for if you have having trouble with connectivity when using ZENworks Asset Management. OPEN CALL: if you have any other ideas to share on this topic, let us know.

25 Jan 2007
Allow Public Printing via iPrint
Geoffrey Carmen explains why you may run into problems if you want to allow public printing via iPrint and try setting up a user without a password on the account.

24 Jan 2007
Troubleshooting Remote Loader Upgrade Issues
Geoff Carman has a workaround for old filters for Remote Loader that get left behind during an upgrade to IDM 2 or IDM 3.

24 Jan 2007
Sub-Error Codes for LDAP Error 49
There's more to LDAP Error 49 than meets the eye ... find out what the next steps are, thanks to this tip from Geoff Carman.

18 Jan 2007
Quick Workaround to Flashing Desktop Bug
Geoffrey Carman shares an easy little workaround to the bug that gives some users a flashing desktop.

10 Jan 2007
Scanning for Registry Key Settings in ZENworks Asset Management
Geoffrey Carman explains how you scan for registry key settings as part of the process of adding custom items to the ZENworks Asset Management inventory scan.

10 Jan 2007
Handling E-mail Addresses as Objects with IDM, Notes, and eDirectory
Geoff Carman sheds some light on getting a non-DN value, like e-mail addresses, to work where DN fields (object IDs) are expected.

10 Jan 2007
Signing the dsrepcfg.ntf File for the Domino Server
Here's a simple workaround from Geoff Carman that gets a Lotus Domino server file copied properly.

04 Jan 2007
Collecting Data File Info with ZENworks Asset Management
Geoffrey Carmen explains how you can use ZENworks Asset Management to gather information about data files on workstations. For example, he shows you how to find Lotus Notes databases stored on local machines.

03 Jan 2007
Windows Remote Loader Tasks for the Lotus Notes Driver
Geoff Carman takes us through the setup tasks to get the Lotus Notes server ready for Remote Loader configuration.

03 Jan 2007
Configuring Lotus Notes Group Types for IDM
One of the least understood Notes attributes is GroupType. Geoff Carman shares some insights on how you can configure it as part of the Notes driver for Identity Manager.

18 Dec 2006
Inventory Multiple Machines at Once in ZENworks Asset Management
In ZENworks Asset Management, there are several ways to start an inventory on multiple machines at once. Geoffrey Carman tells you about how you do it with the Manager.

29 Nov 2006
Controlling iMonitor Session Length
iMonitor not lasting long enough for you? Geoff Carman shares a few simple tips for expanding the session length in iMonitor, so you 'll have more time for your troubleshooting tasks.

20 Sep 2006
Using Universal Password with Mac Clients
Here are some simple suggestions from Geoff Carman on getting Universal Password to work with Mac clients.

22 Jun 2006
Using INETCFG To Manage Your NIC Cards
Geoffrey Carman shares a tip on using INETCFG to manage NIC cards.

24 May 2006
Setting the UniqueID on eDirectory Users
Geoff Carman has some practical ideas on setting and using the UniqueID attribute, including how to leverage it with LDAP apps and JRB utilities.

26 Apr 2006
File System Factory: Identity-Based File System Management
Here's a review of the popular File System Factory (FSF) software by frequent Cool Solutions contributor Geoffrey Carman.

15 Mar 2006
Authenticating Macintosh OS X machines to eDirectory via Kanaka
Geoff Carman shares several tips on using Kanaka for eDirectory authentication on the Mac platform.

15 Mar 2006
Kanaka Troubleshooting
Here's a guide to troubleshooting Kanaka, the popular Mac authentication tool from Condrey Consulting. Cool Solutions contributor Geoffrey Carman shares his hands-on tips in this helpful AppNote.

12 Jan 2006
Geoffrey Carman shares what he has learned about the new TBX.NLM that replaces TOOLBOX.NLM.

28 Sep 2005
Tips for Installing Service Packs on Several Servers
Geoffrey Carman shares a few tips on how he installs service packs to several servers.

15 Sep 2005
Avoiding a Timeout When Entering IP Address During NetWare 6.5 Installation
Geoffrey Carman shares a tip on how you can avoid a very annoying pause of several minutes or timeout when installing NetWare 6.5 and trying to enter the IP address.

17 Aug 2005
Another Workaround for ConsoleOne Templates
Here's a tip from Cool Solutions contributor Geoff Carman that expands on the recent article "Workarounds for ConsoleOne Templates."

09 Aug 2005
iPrint Troubleshooting
Geoffrey Carman shares some very useful troubleshooting tips and best practices advice for using iPrint. Enjoy!

02 Aug 2005
Working around Rconag6 Gotchas
Rconag6.nlm is the IP-based replacement for Remote.nlm. However this created a few issues that Geoffrey Carman found annoying. Here's how he worked around the issues, freshly updated with some additional info.

19 May 2005
Troubleshooting Synchronization in Identity Manager Installations
Here's a guide to troubleshooting eDirectory and AD synchronization problems in Nsure Identity Manager, including error codes and resolutions. Thanks to Cool Solutions contributor Geoffrey Carman for the info!

24 Aug 2004
Safe and Sane Server Patching
You want to run the latest greatest Support Packs, but you don't want to be the sucker at the bleeding edge, finding all the bugs the beta testers missed. Here's some great advice from frequent flyer Geoffrey Carman, (whose closet is jam packed with stuff carrying the Novell logo.)

12 Aug 2004
Resolving the Full Name Attribute for AD
Here's a tip sent in by reader Geoff Carman that shows an easy way to resolve the Full Name attribute problem in Active Directory.

19 Apr 2002
University Lab Strategy
Here's a tip to keep your university labs in tip top shape.

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