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A Bit About Jared

Born on October 31st, the Halloween kid currently works as a Senior Systems Engineer at Data Technique, Inc., a Novell Platinum Partner located in Kansas and Missouri. He started supporting networks at 10 and hasn't stopped. Instantly falling in love with NetWare, Linux, and receiving a CNE certification at 19, he enthusiastically supports networks and as a Novell Support Forums SysOp and can be found in the OS, ZENworks, and Administration-tools forums.

The Complete Works of Jared

29 Nov 2007
Custom Inventory Attributes in ZENworks 10 Configuration Management
Wouldn't it be nice to auto populate the department attribute or site attribute with custom information? Automating this process means that the data is consistent and provides meaningfulness to workstation inventory and reports. Jared Jennings tells you how.

17 Oct 2007
How to run the Image Explorer Utility that comes with ZENworks Configuration Management on a Workstation
At times it would be nice to run the ZCM Image Explorer Utility on a workstation, a device that does not have all the other ZCM products installed. Jared Jennings explains how you can run ZCM Image Explorer as a stand-alone application on any workstation that has java installed. Sweet!

29 Aug 2007
AppNote: Installing ZENworks 10 Configuration Management using External Certificates
Novell SysOp Jared Jennings details how to use a Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA) or Novell eDirectory Certificate Authority to sign the required certificates for ZENworks 10 Configuration Management. Enjoy!

21 Dec 2006
Solution for Error: The Folder could not be displayed - VFS error: Invalid parameters
If you're running VMWare workstation on OpenSuse 10.2 and you get the error "The Folder could not be displayed - VFS error: Invalid parameters", here is a solution from Jared Jennings to fix it.

18 Dec 2006
Custom ZENworks Asset Management Inventory Attributes
Wouldn't it be nice to auto-populate the department attribute to represent information in eDirectory? Here's how you do it, courtesy of Jared Jennings.

27 Nov 2006
Controlling Windows Look and Feel for all Users
Jared Jennings details how you can create multiple looks and feels for different departments, while maintaining only one OS image.

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