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Laurence Moroney

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A Bit About Laurence

Laurence Moroney is a senior architect for Mainsoft
Corporation and expert in Enterprise Architecture and Web Services
Interoperability. Laurence wrote 'Expert Web Services Security in the
.NET Platform', 'ASP.NET 1.1 with VB.NET', and 'Pro ASP.NET 2.0 in
VB.NET' and has co-authored '.NET/J2EE Interoperability: Integration
Strategies, Patterns and Best Practices,' which will be published by
Prentice Hall in 2006.

The Complete Works of Laurence

09 Aug 2006
Create Your First SUSE Linux Application in 10 Minutes Using the Visual Studio .NET IDE
This article describes how you can use Grasshopper to build a simple ASP.NET application that consumes a stock quote Web service, and presents it using a Web Form that runs on Tomcat under Linux.

10 May 2006
Visual Studio .NET IDE for SUSE Linux!
We all know and love the Visual Studio .NET IDE, but did you know that you can use it to build server applications that run on SUSE Linux? Discover how with Visual MainWin for J2EE, Developer Edition (a.k.a Grasshopper) from Mainsoft.

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