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18 Dec 2007
Cool Blog: The GroupWise Powerguide
In this Cool Blog, Alex Evans introduces us to the new GroupWise Powerguide, courtesy of the fine folks of the GroupWiseR initiative.

04 Dec 2007
Cool Blog: GMS on Linux
In this Cool Blog, Alex Evans brings us up to date with the latest happenings with GroupWise Mobile Server for Linux.

23 Oct 2007
Cool Blog: GroupWiseR Summit in Bruges, Belgium
In this Cool Blog, Alex Evans provides an inside look at the upcoming GroupWiseR Summit in Belgium.

07 Aug 2007
Cool Blog: Securing your Agents, Part II
Alex Evans shares the next installment of his discussion on how to secure GroupWise agents.

31 Jul 2007
Cool Blog: Alternate GWIA's
Alex Evans stayed up late wondering what you could do with alternate GWIA feature in GroupWise - and his eyes were opened ...

24 Jul 2007
Cool Blog: Securing your Agents, Part I
In this Cool Blog, Alex Evans explains a practical way to keep your GroupWise agents running smoothly - and securely.

15 May 2007
Cool Blog: More GroupWise Updates
In this Cool Blog, Alex Evans describes the latest changes in the Exchange and Notes Gateways for GroupWise.

01 May 2007
Cool Blog: Continuing the WebAccess Theme
In this Cool Blog, Alex Evans shares a few tips on the proper setup of WebAccess.

27 Feb 2007
Cool Blog: Doing Stuff (like Updating GroupWise ...)
Alex Evans shares his thoughts and techniques on upgrading GroupWise. It's easy, if you avoid the bonfire ...

09 Jan 2007
Cool Blog: Updating Post Office Views
Alex Evans returns with a tip on making sure you're getting the right Views in your GroupWise 7.0.1 Post Office.

31 Oct 2006
Cool Blog: Times, They Are a-Changin'
Alex Evans gets us in the zone with the new time zone changes coming next year.

17 Oct 2006
Cool Blog: Exchange Gateway and GW Gateway
Novell's Alex Evans is back with a heads-up on a new development that will make the 2-way busy search work between the Exchange and GroupWise gateways.

12 Sep 2006
Cool Blog: Tuning a GroupWise Server
Novell's Alex Evans shares some helpful SET parameters to help you keep your GroupWise server humming along ... or humming in tune ...

29 Aug 2006
Cool Blog: Teaching you to suck eggs?
Alex Evans shares a tip about using WinRAR to extract individual files from Novell patches. Read it here.

29 Aug 2006
Cool Blog - How Does Novell Do It? Part 2
Alex Evans is back with a Cool Blog on how to make the DSN and Defer systems fire messages.

29 Aug 2006
Update to Cool Blog: Top-Down Rebuilds - How Do YOU Do It?
Alex Evans asks about best practices for top-down rebuilds of GroupWise - and gets an answer. And, Tommy Mikkelsen adds a simple solution of his own.

08 Aug 2006
Cool Blog - Please, Give Us More Work to Do
WebAccess viewer abends are now transparent to the user. Novell's Alex Evans explains how to collect and submit them for fixing, as well.

01 Aug 2006
Cool Blog: Setting Up a Customer System
Need to set up a GroupWise customer system for testing? Want to know how Novell does it? Novell's Alex Evans shares the recipe in this Cool Blog.

05 Jul 2006
Cool Blog: GWIA Testing, Part 2
Alex Evans continues his thoughts on good GWIA testing.

27 Jun 2006
Cool Blog - Testing GWIA Problems
Alex Evans shares a simple solution for reproducing problems that occur in e-mail attachments, so you can isolate and solve them.

23 May 2006
Cool Blog: Quickfinder Tips
In this article adapted from his Cool Blog, Alex Evans takes us behind the scenes with QuickFinder, explaining useful switches and more.

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