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Gert ter Burg

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A Bit About Gert

Gert is a system- and messaging administrator who has worked with GroupWise since 1998. Since 2002 he runs, an independent GroupWise site. He is a top poster at the NGW List for GroupWise administrators, a member of GroupWiseR and one of the founders of the GroupWise User Group in the Netherlands /

The Complete Works of Gert

28 Aug 2007
Exporting Nicknames
Here's a simple tip from Gert ter Berg that explains how to export GroupWise nicknames into Excel or a text editor.

18 Apr 2006
GroupWise User Communities
Don't know where to find the solutions for your GroupWise problems ? Need some feedback or expert to sit and/or talk face to face with you ? Join the GroupWise Community and find out about GroupWise Tours here.

27 Jan 2005
Editing a File ID (FID) Using ConsoleOne
If you need to create a GroupWise user with a specific FID for accessing an archive, or restoring a deleted user, Gert ter Burg shares a quick tip on how to edit the FID using ConsoleOne.

11 Sep 2003
Fast Install of Support Packs
Gert ter Burg shares a tip on how to do fast install of GroupWise support packs.

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