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Gert-Jan de Boer

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A Bit About Gert-Jan

Gert-Jan de Boer is a network administrator with experience in Novell NetWare (4.11, 5.1, 6.0 and 6.5) and most Novell products. He is also skilled in using Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat and SuSE). His company, Nosco ICT, is a Dutch-based solution provider specializing in Networking and Voice over IP. Support is delivered for Novell products, Linux, several Open Source apps and Asterisk. For more information check out the (Dutch) website @

The Complete Works of Gert-Jan

31 Oct 2006
Speeding Up E-mail Loading Time
Tired of wating for mail to load on WebAccess after login? Cool Solutions reader Gert-Jan de Boer shares a simple tip to get things moving along ...

04 Jan 2006
Repairing a lost Primary Domain without a Backup
Gert-Jan de Boer explains how to recover a GroupWise system with multiple post offices where the Primary Domain has crashed, and there's no backup. Useful tip to tuck in your back pocket for (knock on wood...) the random, unforeseeable calamity.

18 May 2004
NetWare Authentication on Linux
This was the winning entry in the Migration to Linux Contest conducted in February/March 2004. Congratulations to Gert-Jan. We'll be holding another contest like this one later this year, so if you are currently migrating, keep good notes, and you just might win next time!

30 Apr 2004
Network Monitoring with Nagios and MRTG
Gert-Jan de Boer explains how his company uses Nagios and MRTG to monitor their NetWare and Windows servers, network links and other stuff.

28 May 2003
Dislodging a Server That's Stuck in a "New" State
Here's a tip from a user who ran into a problem adding a replica to a new server when all things came to a screeching halt. Read how he got things back up to speed.

26 Mar 2003
NetWare Tail
Shows the last X lines of a file and outputs it.

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