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29 May 2007
X Server not starting after installing NVIDIA driver on openSUSE 10.2
Magnus Hoglund shares a solution that solves a problem he had after installing a NVIDIA driver on openSUSE 10.2.

16 May 2007
Using the iManager Plug-in Studio to Customize Your Own Plug-in
This step-by-step explanation from Magnus Hoglund helps you use the iManager Plug-in Studio to customize a plug-in for LDAP authentication.

11 Oct 2006
Build and install Banshee on SUSE Linux 10.1
Magnus Hoglund shares a tip on how to build and install Banshee on SUSE Linux 10.1.

30 Jun 2006
Using Clam AntiVirus to Protect your iFolder 3 Server
Magnus Hoglund explains how to install Clam AntiVirus as a real-time scanning anti-virus solution for your iFolder 3 server.

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