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08 Nov 2006
Log Configuration and iChain
Novell's Tim Loveridge shares tips and examples on how to configure log files for iChain acceleration.

08 Nov 2006
iChain and Origin Server SSL Certificates
Tim Loveridge clears up the roles of SSL certificates, origin server, trusted roots container, etc.

11 Oct 2006
Redirecting eGuide URL Requests
Timothy Loveridge share three ways to redirect URLS for eGuide. One method uses iChain, and the other two don't ...

06 Sep 2006
iChain Automatic Login
Logging in to iChain automatically is not usually recommended, due to security issues - but if your creative mind has a need for it, here's a way to do it.

05 Jul 2006
Setting Up Multi-Homing Accelerators in iChain
Timothy Loveridge sheds some light on setting up multi-homing accelerators in iChain.

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