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16 Jul 2007
System paging size report

05 Apr 2007
Remote Filesystem Access through SUSE Linux Enterprise Server FTP
Randy Goddard explains how to configure SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Remote Filesystem Access.

11 Aug 2006
Dead-Gateway Detection
Randy Goddard shares a solution which can be used to allow enterprise servers a certain level of IP dead-gateway detection and modify their routing tables accordingly.

13 Jul 2006
How To: Remote Installation Using SSH or VNC
Here's a cool tip from Novell Support that explains how to set up a remote installation using SSH or VNC. An install can be started that will allow for remote control during the installation process.

23 Mar 2006
Leveraging Novell Open Enterprise Server and Novell eDirectory as a File Protocol Gateway and Central Identity Store
This article provided by Novell Support Engineers explains how to install and configure Novell Open Enterprise Server as a Protocol Gateway.

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