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27 Jul 2007
8 CLI Tools that are Under-utilized, Sometimes Unknown, or Unappreciated and Yet Pack a Powerful Punch
Jonathan Peck put together a list of command line tools that he has found to be very helpful and informative when it comes to administrating Linux.

08 Nov 2006
How to use the lsof command
If you need to find out exactly what processes are manipulating your server and what files they are affecting, try using the lsof command. Jonathan Peck shares some helpful tips on how to use it.

21 Jul 2006
Integrating Novell OES Linux iManager, Virtual Office and Welcome Page with Apache 2.2.2, Tomcat 5.5.17 and Sun Java2 1.4.2
Jonathan Peck has provided a guideline for installing Apache's web server version 2.2.2 and the Tomcat Java servlet version 5.5.17 and integrating them with your current OES Linux setup.

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