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19 Oct 2005
Attribute Mapping for Password Self-Service
Here's an inside look at Novell Password Self-Service by Gordon Mathis. A sample application in the article shows you how to use the NMAS Challenge/Response method outside the framework of Password Self-Service.

29 Sep 2005
Developing an NMAS Method
Novell Developer Labs creates NMAS methods - and you can, too, thanks to this article from Novell's Gordon Mathis.

21 Jul 2005
Linux Tutorials
Here are three demos you'll want to carve out some time for. Understanding and Using the Linux Standard Base, Porting .NET Applications to Linux, and Password Management using Password Self-service on Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES)

18 May 2005
Linux Login Client Modules for NMAS
Novell's eDirectory and NMAS have been running on a Linux server for years now. At least the NMAS server, and server side modules known as LSM's (Login Server Modules). However, recently the NMAS client has been ported to Linux and it is possible to run client side modules known as LCM's (Login Client Modules) on a Linux system. Come see how to install NMAS on Linux and a whole lot more.

23 Mar 2005
Developing Perl CGI scripts on SUSE Linux
Because there are so many tutorials on the web about Perl the focus of this article will be how to configure SUSE Linux for Perl CGI scripts and teaching you the basics of developing and debugging a Perl script.

18 Jan 2005
Developing PHP Scripts with SUSE Linux
PHP is a very popular open source server-side embedded scripting language that is especially suited for Web development. This article will walk you through configuring Apache, PHP, and MySQL on SUSE Linux (NLD, SLES, or Professional). It will also introduce you to a third party product named PhpEd, by NuSphere

16 Nov 2004
NMAS Java LCM on Linux
This document outlines the steps needed to configure and test the example Clear Text Password method in the NMAS NDK on Linux using a Java LCM and a test application.

02 Jun 2004
Running Existing Win32 Applications on SUSE Linux
Wine which stand for (Wine is not an emulator) comes pre-installed on the SUSE line of products and can be used to run many of your Win32 (Win 95/98, NT/2000/XP), Win16 (Win 3.1) and DOS applications. Using Wine, you can finally remove the requirement for the Windows license and get the most out of your Linux system.

12 Feb 2004
Taking the Leap Without the .NET (Part 3)
Mono (and .NET) can be used to create and deliver very feature rich web content. In this article we will see how to use Mono to access databases, an activity at the very heart of many solutions.

14 Jan 2004
Taking the Leap Without the .NET (Part 2)
In the first article in this series we discussed the installation and testing of the basic installation of a working Mono system. In order to effectively use this article you will need to have completed the steps from that article and have a fully functional Mono installation.

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