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The Complete Works of Novell Open Audio

24 May 2007
Novell Open Audio: Bill Pray on GroupWise and Novell Business Continuity Clustering
When will we see parity on the GroupWise Linux client? Bill Pray and Gregory Webb answer this question in the interview, and get an update on the next release of GroupWise codenamed Bonsai. Also, Brad Rupp and Ryan Okelberry get technical with Novell Business Continuity Clustering.

27 Apr 2007
Novell Open Audio: Greg Kroah-Hartman on Linux Kernel Development and News from Support
SUSE Labs? Greg Kroah-Hartman joins the Open Audio team to talk about kernel development, including a beginners how to, and the kernel development hierarchy. Then Randy and Dave are back for another episode of News from Support.

09 Mar 2007
Novell Open Audio: Dynamic Storage Technology; BrainShare's Installation and Migration Depot
Jason Williams and Novell Engineer Dana Henriksen talk about Dynamic Storage Technology (formerly Shadow Volumes). Plus, Dean Ricker is interviewed about the BrainShare Installation and Migration Depot.

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