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Joseph Marton

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A Bit About Joseph

Joe is currently a network administrator for a financial firm headquartered in Chicago, and prior to that was an engineer for a Novell partner in Central Illinois where he began his career in 1996. He has worked with NetWare, GroupWise, ZENworks, and Linux, and has been a Novell Support Forum SysOp since 2007. Joe is truly a jack of all trades and master of none.

The Complete Works of Joseph

06 Nov 2007
Using Sync Settings with GMS 2
This tip from Joe Marton explains how to get the sync settings working for GroupWise Mobile Server 2.

06 Nov 2007
Limiting GWIA to a Specific Service
Need to set up your GWIA so it only accept and send mail with one service? Joe Marton describes how it's done ...

16 Oct 2007
Unarchiving an Entire Calendar at Once
This simple tip from Joe Marton helps you unarchive a complete GroupWise calendar, all at once.

14 Aug 2007
Getting HTML Graphics to Display Automatically in GroupWise
This tip from Joe Marton helps you get HTML graphics showing up properly by default in GroupWise messages.

31 Jul 2007
Changing the Default Port for GMS Server
Joe Marton explains how to change the default port on the GroupWise Mobile Server, in this step-by-step tip.

19 Jun 2007
Last Login Time for GroupWise
This tip from Joe Marton helps you find out the last time a user logged in to a GroupWise account.

08 May 2007
Changing the Default GMS HTTP Port
Joe Marton explains how to change your default HTTP port on GMS, in a few easy steps.

17 Apr 2007
GMS "Kill Pill" for Stolen Handhelds
Sounds like a theme from Mission Impossible - but this tip from Joe Marton will help your stolen PDA quietly self-destruct ... its data, that is.

10 Apr 2007
Solving a Homepage Display Problem
Joe Marton explains what to do if your GroupWise homepage display settings won't behave properly ...

20 Feb 2007
Default Font for All Outgoing Mail on Clients
If you need to force the use of the same font for all outgoing mail, this tip from Joe Marton explains the settings and deployment you need.

13 Feb 2007
Restoring Messages for a GroupWise Resource
Joe Marton explains the process for restoring all the messages for a GroupWise resource.

01 Feb 2007
Workaround for problem with HP LaserJet 1300/1320 printers not printing with iPrint
Joseph Marton shares a solution for a problem he had when using the HP LaserJet 1300 and 1320 with iPrint.

23 Jan 2007
Managing Frequent Contacts, Globally
Joe Marton explains how you can control the attributes of GroupWise frequent contacts in your organization.

09 Jan 2007
Returning to Last Used Directory with Attachments
Joseph Marton shares a tip for getting GroupWise to recognize the last used directory when attaching items.

12 Dec 2006
Running both Intellisync Mobile Server and WebAccess
Joe Marton explains one approach to get Mobile Server and WebAccess working together, although not on the same IIS.

24 Oct 2006
Sharing GroupWise Default Actions
Joseph Marton explains how to spread default GroupWise actions via ZEN, a registry file, or a login script.

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