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25 Jun 2003
Manually Correcting Registry Settings on a NetWare 6 Server
If you ever have a problem with registry settings not getting set correctly, or if they ever get corrupted during the installation of NetStorage or ZfD 4 on a NetWare 6 server, this one's for you.

06 Jun 2003
Modifying the NetWare Registry through NetWare Remote Manager
Would you like to edit NetWare registry settings graphically? Here's how you set things up so you can edit the registry via NetWare Remote Manager (NRM). Thanks once again to frequent contributor Greg Leong!

29 May 2003
Speeding up the Uploading of Large Files to NetStorage
If you have found that uploading large files is too slow through the NetStorage HTML interface on a NetWare 6 server, here's a cool trick to speed things up.

20 May 2003
Editing Login Script Drive Mappings Displayed through NetStorage
Do you want to change the Login Script drive mappings that are displayed through the NetStorage interfaces (i.e. DriveJ@public)? Greg Leong tells you how.

30 Apr 2003
Change how Home Directories are Displayed in NetStorage
Have you ever wanted to change how home directories are displayed through the Netstorage interfaces? If you want to reference home directories with a different word or in a language other than English, check out this cool tip.

22 Apr 2003
Accessing your iFolder files with NetStorage Interfaces
Would you like to access your iFolder files through the NetStorage interfaces? Here's how.

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