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12 Sep 2000
DocuWise: It's That Smart
We like to highlight our partners here at Cool Solutions. Well, we've been talking to the fine folks at 2ndC Americas, a wonderful group of developers who just happen to have a pretty nifty way to take advantage of, and build on, the GroupWise Document Management system.

12 Sep 2000
Removing the Attachment View From WebAccess
The thing is, you set up your system, and you own it. And you want it how you want it. Well, some of you want, for various and sundry reasons, to keep your people from viewing attachments over the Web. We can tell you how.

16 Jun 1999
GroupWise 5.5 Gotcha Guide
The actual Gotcha Guide written by the fine folks in Novell Documentation.

16 Jun 1999
GroupWise and Daylight Saving Time
Although the time of day varies throughout the world at any given moment, a responsible network messaging system will reconcile those differences in message time stamps and scheduled appointments.

16 Jun 1999
GroupWise and NetWare for Small Business
So, you're sitting around at work, minding your small business, and you suddenly realize: "Hey, what this place needs is a network."

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