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A Bit About Gregg

Gregg has been designing and implementing Novell business solutions for over 13 years. He is an expert in GroupWise and Clustering. His demonstrated expertise shines in the authored books: "Success with Clustering GroupWise 7" ( and "Success with GroupWise Document Management". Gregg is a Technical Editor and author for GroupWise Advisor magazine. He also writes his own column for GroupWise Cool Solutions. Gregg has presented on various topics at both Novell's Brainshare and Advisor Summit. Gregg has been gainfully running his own consulting organization for over 7 years.

The Complete Works of Gregg

02 Oct 2007
Moving GroupWise Users to a Linux Box
Gregg Hinchman shares his insights on making a smooth GroupWise transition from NetWare to Linux.

18 Sep 2007
Consultant's Corner: Introducing Novell Teaming + Conferencing
Gregg Hinchman opens the curtains on Novell's new Teaming + Conferencing tools and explains their impact on your GroupWise systems.

11 Sep 2007
Consultants Corner: Special Edition - Exchange 2007 Facts (Update)
Gregg Hinchman compares the features of GroupWise 7 and Exchange 2007 counts the migration costs - the findings may surprise you! (Now updated with GroupWise cost tables)

21 Aug 2007
Consultants Corner: (Client) Push Comes to Shove
Gregg Hinchman is back with an in-depth look at how to install and configure the new GroupWise 7 Client.

17 Jul 2007
Consultants Corner: Planning for GroupWise 7 on Linux Clusters
Gregg Hinchman warms up with a hot summer topic - getting your GroupWise 7 system running on Linux clusters.

19 Jun 2007
Consultants Corner: It's "Knife" to Know Archiving
Consultant Gregg Hinchman discusses the pros and cons of deleting vs. archiving in your GroupWise system.

22 May 2007
Consultants Corner: Synchronize with the Living Force
Gregg Hinchman shares his expert advice on synchronizing GroupWise and eDirectory systems in this article.

24 Apr 2007
TCPTrunkwidth and the MTA
Here's some newly uncovered info on TCPTrunkwidth and the GroupWise MTA, courtesy of Gregg Hinchman.

17 Apr 2007
Consultants Corner: Instant Gratification, Instant Messaging
Consultant Gregg Hinchman discusses instant gratification with Novell Instant Messaging - for those in the NOW ...

20 Mar 2007
Consultants Corner: Put Some "Youngblood" in your GroupWise System
Gregg Hinchman shows you how to breathe new life into your GroupWise systems with these proven consolidation techniques.

20 Mar 2007
GroupWise BrainShare 2007 Sessions with Gregg Hinchman
Here are some GroupWise BrainShare session you won't want to miss, featuring Gregg Hinchman, Morris Blackham, Brad Rupp, and Greg Smith.

20 Feb 2007
Consultants Corner: Opening the Doors to GWIA High Availability
Consultant Gregg Hinchman is back, this time with a glimpse into the world of high availability for your GWIA.

30 Jan 2007
Consultant's Corner: Paradigm Shifting and Smooth Sailing
Gregg Hinchman discusses the world of GroupWise WebAccess - and how to make it a better place to live.

05 Dec 2006
Consultant's Corner: Where Have I Been?
Gregg Hinchman is back, with thoughts on GroupWise Best Practices, the "Ferrari" and the "Civic," and more ...

27 Jun 2006
Consultant's Corner: There's No Place like Home ... View
The view out your GroupWise 7 home window could get a lot better these days, thanks to this article from consultant Gregg Hinchman.

20 Jun 2006
Consultant's Corner: I SO I SO, a DMS'ing We Will go!
Fun at work - isn't that an oxymoron? Not for consultant Gregg Hinchman, who thoroughly enjoys the challenge of setting up a smooth-running DMS (Document Management System) project.

13 Jun 2006
Consultant's Corner: Crazy from the GroupWise Heat
Consultant Gregg Hinchman gets us ready for a hot time / summer in the city, with GroupWise conferences and events, and reflections on the GroupWise projects that face most administrators.

06 Jun 2006
Consultant's Corner: A GroupWise Diet Plan
Does your GroupWise system need to lose some weight? Consultant Gregg Hinchman lays out a practical plan to reduce GroupWise size and stress.

30 May 2006
Consultant's Corner: Secure Thoughts for an Open World
Consultant Gregg Hinchman shares his thoughts on data security in our increasingly dangerous world.

23 May 2006
Consultant's Corner: Disaster Recovery Thoughts for GroupWise
Which is hotter - a plate of spicy Thai food, or the atmosphere in your data center when a disaster unexpectedly strikes? Consultant Gregg Hinchman cools the blaze with some practical advice for preparing for the worst - and planning for the best.

25 Apr 2006
Consultant's Corner: Red Rover, Red Rover - Move GroupWise Over
Looking for some practical tips on moving your GroupWise system? Consultant Gregg Hinchman has the answers, along with some cool pics from a Southeast Asia trip ...

04 Apr 2006
Consultant's Corner: The GroupWise Road is Clear
Gregg Hinchman is excited about the future of GroupWise. Find out why, and why you should be, too.

04 Apr 2006
Consultant's Corner: The GroupWise Business of Continuance
Consultant Gregg Hinchman shares his views on how to make GroupWise 7 highly available and fault tolerant.

19 Jan 2006
Consultant's Corner: GroupWise 7 on OES Linux Clusters
Gregg Hinchman recently conducted a Proof of Concept to see if you really could use GroupWise 7 on an OES Linux Cluster. He's working on an entire White Paper about it, but shares this preliminary take on the ups and downs he experienced.

15 Nov 2005
GroupWise Clustering Basics: Part 4
In this final installment, Gregg Hinchman explains the ins and outs of creating a Cluster Resource and Cluster Volume, and gives an excellent overview of Business Continuity Clusters.

08 Nov 2005
GroupWise Clustering Basics: Part 3
Gregg Hinchman shares his actual GroupWise system design, and explains the helpful utilities he relies on when clustering GroupWise.

01 Nov 2005
GroupWise Clustering Basics: Part 2
In Part 2 of this serialized article from Gregg Hinchman's new book, Gregg discusses many important aspects of smart cluster hardware design.

25 Oct 2005
GroupWise Clustering Basics: Part 1
Gregg Hinchman has just written a new eBook called Success with Clustering GroupWise 7, that will soon be available for purchase. To whet your appetite, he has graciously shared the entire Chapter 1 with Cool Solutions, and we are presenting it in serial format beginning this week. Snap on your reading glasses and dive in.

28 Sep 2005
Consultant's Corner: Post Office Sizing Best Practices
Gregg Hinchman shares what he's learned after years of consulting with people who've created unmanageably huge post offices and need weeks to run GWCheck. Enjoy!

09 Aug 2005
Consultants Corner: Tips for Upgrading to GroupWise 7
If you're planning on upgrading to GroupWise 7, make sure you check out this article by Gregg Hinchman. He shares some tips that will help make your upgrade to GroupWise 7 easier.

02 Jun 2005
Consultant's Corner: GroupWise Domain Design - Part 2
Consultant Gregg Hinchman shares with you the Best Practices for GroupWise domain designs. In Part 2, Gregg digs a bit deeper into the domain and its MTA, discussing the MTA configuration file and the eDirectory DOMAIN and MTA objects.

26 May 2005
Consultant's Corner: GroupWise Domain Design - Part 1
Consultant Gregg Hinchman shares with you the Best Practices for GroupWise domain designs. In Part 1 you'll learn how to increase the availability of your organization's GroupWise system just by changing the domain's design and usage.

07 Oct 2004
Success with Clustering GroupWise: A Guide to Building a Highly Available GroupWise System
Heads up: Gregg Hinchman and Tay Kratzer recently released a new version of the Success with Clustering GroupWise Guide. This guide is an invaluable, up-to-date resource on how to cluster GroupWise. Special Bonus: We have been given permission to publish Chapter 1 here on Cool Solutions for you. (Updated with Part 3).

20 Nov 2003
Success with GroupWise Document Management
Updated with Part 2: Baffled by GroupWise Doc Management? Join the club. It's a chronically misunderstood part of GroupWise, and here's your chance get to know it better. Gregg Hinchman and Danita Zanre have written a new book about it, and have graciously allowed us to publish Chapter 4. This chapter discusses the best way to plan and design DMS so it will work for you.

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