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Hans Boone

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A Bit About Hans

Hans started programming in 1976 and been a Novell user since 1988.

The Complete Works of Hans

01 Oct 2007
DNSBrowse 2.08.04
Utility for browsing through the DNS/DHCP records in NDS.

11 Jun 2007
Swapvol is a simple tool for updating the volume (part) of the "home directory" attribute in the eDirectory.

13 May 2007
Static Group
A program that updates the memberlist of a group based on a query like the queries in a Dynamic group.

30 Mar 2007
View and save the outgoing rules of BorderManager.

16 Mar 2007
HOMES 3.06.08
A utility for (re)creation and deletion of home directories.

21 Feb 2007
DosNDS 1.05.04
Commandline utility for modifying eDirectory from the commandline.

20 Feb 2007
MassUser 3.06.07 (HomesPlus)
A utility for (re)creation and maintenance of home directories and some user attributes.

30 Dec 2006
Dynamic Group
A small utility for creating Dynamic Groups using the Novell Client.

04 Jan 2006
Commandline login 1.03
A simple commandline login utility.

03 Jan 2006
Tree logout commandline
Command-line logout of a tree and kill all connections.

13 Nov 2005
HBWSchema 1.05
Add and remove attribute and class definitions into/from schema.

23 Mar 2004
Launcher Configuration Copy 1.02
Copy a launcher configuration from one object to another.

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