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02 Jan 2005
AppNote: iFolder Data Cleanup in eDirectory
Have you ever deleted an eDirectory user and tried to figure out what iFolder data directory needs to be cleaned up afterwards? One of the developers of iFolder created this utility that helps you find out which iFolder directory belongs to which user.

01 Jan 2005
AppNote: Using DFS in a Clustered Environment
In NetWare 6.x, Novell Distributed File Services (DFS) allows you to develop a logical view of your storage. DFS uses a Volume Location Database (VLDB), which maps the physical location of NSS volumes on all servers in the tree. This AppNote explains how to get the VLDB Database running as a clustered resource, effectively allowing more flexibility in server assignment.

30 Nov 2004
AppNote: Customizing Password Self-Service
Password Self-Service is a cool and free utility from Novell. It allows users to change, reset or remember their password in a secure fashion and provides advanced password rules. In all, it can bring down the total number of helpdesk calls tremendously. However, by default Password Self-Service is only translated for a few languages. Here's how to fix that.

19 Nov 2003
AppNote: Multiple instances of iFolder on NetWare Configuration Report
This appnote will go into detail on how run multiple instances of iFolder on the same NetWare server. People running Novell Cluster Services (NCS) and people with large deployments of iFolder will benefit from this configuration.

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