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15 Jan 2004
AppNote: NBM 3.8 VPN: Authenticating users with NMAS & LDAP
The new Novell BorderManager 3.8 (NBM 3.8) Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution is a significant improvement from earlier versions of BorderManager. The new management console is based on iManager. VPN now features a host of new and exciting features. In addition to being standards compliant, it offers fine-grained policies and a range of authentication mechanisms. While some mechanisms, such as the certificate based authentication and pre-shared secrets are required by the IKE standards, others are meant to make users and administrators life much easier, without compromising on security. In this article we look at implementing two such mechanisms - authentication using NMAS, and remote LDAP authentication - in your enterprise.

16 Apr 2002
Using and Managing Dynamic Groups
Dynamic Groups are a slick new feature in eDirectory 8.6.x that makes management of large and complex organizations a lot of fun -- for some of us. Here's an article from AppNotes that dives deep into this new technology.

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