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08 Aug 2006
ENGL ZisdCtrl 3.0 - ZENworks Image-safe Data ActiveX Control
Here's a freshly updated freebie from our fine partners at ENGL. It is an ActiveX control that allows administrators to write simple scripts to read and write to the ZENworks Image-Safe Data area.

10 Nov 2004
ENGL ZmgWiz 1.0 - ZENworks image (.zmg) file analysis tool
Check out this great new freebie from our partners at ENGL. ENGL ZmgWiz is a Windows utility that can scan one or more ZENworks image (.zmg) files and display detailed disk and file usage reports which can be optionally output to an XML file. This can help you understand what disk space is being used by files within your ZENworks images and alert you to the amount of space that could be saved by purging or recreating the images.

23 Jan 2004
ENGL Zim 3.0
Heads Up: take a look at the new features in ENGL Zim 3.0, the latest version of ENGL's enhancement tool for ZENworks for Desktops imaging. Worth a look!

05 Nov 2002
View ZENworks Image-safe Data in a browser
Check out this cool demo from our partners at ENGL. This tool will display the ZENworks Image-safe Data (ZISD) area from your Windows 2000 or XP workstation from an IE web browser.

07 May 2002
Partner Product: Enhancing ZENworks Imaging with ENGL Zim 2.0
With all the bells and whistles that come with the latest ZENworks imaging updates, one basic problem exists - the Linux interface remains unfriendly and can be painful to tame unless you're happy wearing sandals, and live and breathe the numerous Linux download sites. Check out Zim 2.0 from our partners at ENGL for a friendlier front-end.

07 Jun 2001
ENGL Zwake: Wake-On-LAN scheduler for ZENworks
For all of you who have been asking about Wake on LAN, check this out. ENGL Zwake 1.2: ZENworks Wake-On-LAN Scheduler is now available, and you should take a look at their eval and see what you think. Could be just what you're looking for.

13 Feb 2001
ENGL Zpush for Managing Windows Prompts
ENGL Zpush is a Win32 utility that will load and wait for a specified window title to appear then automatically perform an action on the window.

03 Jan 2001
ENGL Zim for ZfD3 Linux Imaging
ENGL Zim is a Linux text-console utility that is designed to assist organisations who wish to provide a user friendly front-end to ZENworks for Desktops 3 Linux imaging.

25 Oct 2000
ZFD3 Imaging: Friendly computer naming with ENGL's Zcnc
ZCNC is a free customizable computer name changer written for use with ZENworks for Desktops 3 Imaging. However, it can also be used in non-ZEN environments. In addition to the title and prompts being fully customisable, an input mask can be specified to 'force' the user to enter numbers and characters in a specific sequence and syntax.

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