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24 Oct 2007
What's New in the Form Script for Identity Manager 3.5.1
Rudy Duym brings us up-to-date on the latest developments with the Form Script for Identity Manager 3.5.1.

19 Jul 2007
Identity Manager Form Script API
This AppNote by Rudy Duym provides a comprehensive overview and API for Identity Manager's powerful Form Script tool.

18 Jul 2007
Closing a Workflow Request Based on a Directory Query
This tip from Rudy Duym helps you automatically close an IDM workflow request form, based on the result of a directory query.

11 Jul 2007
Adding UserApp Buttons, with Form Scripts or HTML
Rudy Duym explains how to use a form script function in UserApp to add a text or image button.

11 Jul 2007
Form Field Visibility after a Workflow Task is Claimed
This tip from Rudy Duym shows how to make a form field appear only after a workflow task is claimed.

05 Jul 2007
Best Practices for IDM 3.5 Form Script
Rudy Duym shares and explains three best practices for using and organizing the form script for IDM 3.5 workflows.

05 Jul 2007
Workflow Tips for Identity Manager
Here are some practical tips for getting the most from your IDM workflow routines, courtesy of Rudy Duym.

27 Jun 2007
Showing and Hiding Action Buttons from a UserApp ECMA Script
Rudy Duym explains how to show and hide buttons from a UserApp ECMA Script.

20 Jun 2007
Handling Form Queries with IDM UserApp
Rudy Duym explains how to get the proper return values when using form queries with the IDM UserApp.

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