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Damian Myerscough

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A Bit About Damian

I am currently a student working towards a BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Network Technology. In my spare time I contribute to the Fedora project by helping with their infrastructure deploying services and assisting developers.

The Complete Works of Damian

05 Dec 2007
Biometric Fingerprint Scan
Damian Myerscough explains how to setup and configure biometric fingerprint scanning for logging into your workstations.

03 Dec 2007
Deleting Private Data from Your Linux/Microsoft Windows Machine
Private data can still be recovered after you format your Linux/Microsoft Windows machine. Here's a tip from Damian Myerscough that will help you make sure your data cannot be recovered.

19 Nov 2007
Protecting Apache against DOS attack with mod_evasive
Damian Myerscough shows you how to install and configure mod_evasive so your Apache web server can defend against HTTP DOS attacks and brute force attacks.

23 Oct 2007
Pure-FTPd Administration
Damian Myerscough explains how to install Pure-FTPd and how to create and manage virtual users.

10 Oct 2007
SSH Proxying
Damian Myerscough shows you how to set up the SSH (Secure Shell) proxy utility that gives you the ability to relay network connections via SOCKS and HTTPS.

21 Aug 2007
Remote Installation of SUSE with SSH
Performing a remote installation of SUSE over VNC poses a possible security risk as the installation traffic travels over the wire unencrypted. This article by Damian Meyerscough shows you how to perform a remote installation over SSH which will encrypt traffic traveling over the wire.

27 Jul 2007
Securing Apache Web Server with mod_security
Damian Myerscough explains how to install and configure mod_security on your Apache web server.

20 Jul 2007
Manually Partitioning Your Hard Drive with fdisk
Damian Myerscough shows you how to create partitions with fdisk on SUSE Linux Enterprise.

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