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17 Aug 2006
Getting the SLES / SLED 10 Software Updater to work if you use a Proxy Server
Hicham Mourad explains how to configure the Novell Customer Center and the Software Updater to work on your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server or Desktop if you use a proxy server.

17 Aug 2006
Configuring XGL when using the KDE Desktop with SLED 10
Hicham Mourad shares some easy instructions on how to enable Desktop Effects if you are using the KDE desktop.

17 Jan 2006
How to get the Fingerprint reader on IBM Thinkpads (T42P, T43P) to workwith OpenSUSE 10
Hicham Mourad shows us how to get the fingerprint reader working on the IBM Thinkpads.

10 Dec 2002
Effectively Reading a DirXML Trace File
Here's a great article to help you troubleshoot your DirXML implementations and understand, really, those trace files.

27 Aug 2002
Discover DirXML's Advanced Features
If you're craving for info on some of DirXML's more advanced features like Channel Write-Back and Queries, here's the beef. The AppNotes team pulled together three of Novell's finest to write a pair of excellent articles on nothing but DirXML's advanced features. Get 'em here.

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