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Hanny Kraa

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A Bit About Hanny

I'm a system engineer, which is another way of saying that I like to mess around on any NetWare system that is placed under my loving care. I've worked with NCS, GroupWise and other Novell products for 7 years. At customer sites I fix things up or just keep the environment running. I always seek for improvement. Currently I'm working with SuSe linux, which I like. When I have lots of free time, which is almost never, I like to vegetate in front of my computer (cosy!) to skate and to watch movies.

The Complete Works of Hanny

30 Nov 2007
Incremental and Differential Backups with Linux
Hanny Kraa shares a solution on how to make incremental and differential backups of your Linux system.

16 Aug 2007
How to Maintain your Linux Environment, if you're New to Linux
Hanny Kraa put together a quick reference guide with some basic Linux administrative tasks for NetWare administrators who are new to Linux.

07 Aug 2007
Preventive Maintenance for System Administrators
Here's some practical and detailed advice on staying ahead of the server maintenance game, courtesy of Hanny Kraa.

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