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23 Sep 2007
Landscape Generator
Configure a cool looking customer environment web page without writing any HTML code!

02 Mar 2007
DirXML Fault Tolerance Manager
Monitor DirXML Drivers status in a single engine environment and control multiple DirXML Drivers in a dual engine environment, to assure Fault Tolerance.

08 Aug 2006
ZENWSBrowser 4.2, Rev.C1
Get Remote Control to a registered ZfD workstation without using ConsoleOne.

20 Dec 2002
Remote control access to ZEN workstations without using NWADMIN.

17 Jan 2002
NDS Password Checker
Can be used to inform users during login that their password will be expire if 'Force periodic password change' is enabled in NDS.

14 Jan 2002
Storing Notes.ID Files in eDirectory
Store your Lotus Notes.ID files in eDirectory with Single Sign-on and this tool from Holger Dopp.

14 Jan 2002
Single Sign-on Wrapper for Lotus Notes 1.1
Store Lotus Notes ID files in eDirectory.

25 Nov 2001
DirXML Browser
DirXML Browser to start/stop and retrieve current status of DirXML Drivers using either ConsoleOne (DirXML 1.x) or iManager (IDM 2/3).

18 Jun 2000
NDS Browser
Shows NDS User objects and offers the possibility to change the users password and/or unlock accounts without using NetWare Administrator.

04 May 1999
Remote Control Without NWADMIN
Holger Dopp, from Novell Consulting, Germany, sent us this cool tool you can use for getting Remote Control access to ZEN workstations without using NWADMIN. As he said, "I gave it already to some of our customers and they are very happy about it." No doubt, Holger. This is neato.

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