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I am B.E from VTU Belgaum, Karnataka, India in Electronics. I have a total of 2 years experience in software testing mainly system testing. Novell Products which I have tested are eDirectory 8.8.2, NKDC1.0 and NKDC1.5. My hobbies include reading technical books and net surfing. Technically I am good in ldap [eDirectory] and security [Kerberos] related testing. I have to learn a lot in these two areas.

The Complete Works of Ashish

26 Sep 2007
Establishing Cross-Realm Trust between Active Directory and Novell KDC
In this AppNote, Anil Kumar Sekhara and Ashish Kumar explain how to log in to Windows XP, with Novell KDC interoperating with Microsoft KDC (Active Directory).

30 Aug 2007
Installing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Without a Bootable CD
Ashish Kumar shares a tip on how to install SLES on a machine that has Linux (boot loaded GRUB) already installed.

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